Big Changes….

“Big Changes” seems to be the storyline of my life for the last 35 years. A lot of people close to me have told me that I should write a book about my life. I don’t really know why, I don’t particularly think my life is any more or less interesting than anyone else’s. Everyone has stories, to me, its just my life.

Those who know me, know that my grammar is horrible, my spelling is terrible (thank God for spellcheck) and I am not the most “well read” person out there. So I haven’t read many books outside of required reading for school, or funny meme’s on social media. So I honestly don’t even know where to start, how to format it, or what people would even find interesting about me. After all, I’m just Brian.

Ive been told that keeping a diary or journal can be very therapeutic. I was first told to do that by a therapist I was seeing in the aftermath of my divorce several years ago. We might get more into that another time. I also studied the benefits of journaling while earning my Bachelors degree in psychology from Azusa Pacific University. So, as I mentioned in about “about me” section of this little page, I feel that this is an exercise more for my benefit than yours, but hey, if your still reading this, maybe you will get something out of it to.

I dont really know where to start. So I guess today is a good a place as any. From here, I guess ill bounce around with some memories from the past, dig up some old memories, and try to evaluate how that has shaped my current life. Ill also try to share whats current, whats new and exciting! after all, thats what life is all about… Right?

Today, I live on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. My wife and I have been living here for a year now. We set out on this adventure from where we both grew up in Southern California,  just weeks after getting married in June of 2016. We moved here with an open mind and a commitment to “try it out for a year”. Well, the year is almost up, and we have decided to make another big move to Las Vegas Nevada! The motivation for the move “back” has several components. The cost of living in Hawaii is ridiculous, the housing, food, etc is just crazy expensive. We also miss our friends and family and we have goals to buy a house and start a family… Things that significantly harder to do in Hawaii.

With the move just weeks away, I am already starting to miss Hawaii and we haven’t even left yet. The white sand beaches, the warm tropical weather, the food, and the endless adventures we will be giving up. But knowing what waits for us on the other side of the ocean is enough to still feel like we are making the right move.

Being that both my wife and I work in healthcare, we know that our careers give us the flexibility of moving around and staying gainfully employed. I am a Paramedic, and my wife is an RN. So finding work on the other side was pretty easy. Easier for me, as I am staying with my same company, just transferring divisions. Alicia on the other hand, is going to be starting work at a new company. I know that it is causing her a lot of stress right now, and I wish there was something I could do to help set her at ease. But its a big move, with lots of moving parts and its going to be stressful. I just hope that I give her the confidence she needs to feel safe and secure during this transition.

I have my worries and stresses too. Being the man of the house, I feel its my responsibility to make sure this all goes smooth. Shipping our two cars, all of our belongings, ourselves, and our entire lives 3,000 miles across an ocean to a new city is big task! On top of that, we are both still working full time right up until we move. Alicia is starting work (at the new job) a week before me, so that means she’s leaving a week before me too. Im not really excited about that, as it leaves me behind to get everything packed up, our rental house in Hawaii cleaned out, and turned back over, and make sure everything is wrapped up here before I get on a flight and leave. While Alicia is on the other end, getting moved into our new “temporary” house in Las Vegas, starting her new job, and waiting for me to get there. But thats the most amazing part of our marriage. Knowing that I don’t have to do everything. Knowing I have this amazing, capable partner to share the work with. I am truly blessed to have her in my life.  It will also be the first time, since we met three plus years ago, that we will be apart from each other for an extended time. Its only 9 days, but it already feels like way too long! clone tag: -2858709715217615418